You’re confirmed and your spot is saved

Here are the details:
Dolan Hall, JCU Campus (Find it on Google Maps)
Monday August 22, 2022
6-8 pm
We’ve already sent you an email confirming these details, and we’ll be in touch again closer to the big day with confirmation and parking and other details.
Meanwhile, take a moment to listen to the podcast episode below and check out the teaser brochure.

Addressing the innovation, leadership and talent imperatives of our lifetime

The Cleveland at JCU

Teaser for the brochure

In this episode of the’s podcast, faculty members Alex Bruton and Jeff Couillard talk about the upcoming experience, and how today’s opportunities for growth need to deliver both challenge and support + a real team (vs. a group, class or cohort) + what they call real-life transformation:

Teaser for the upcoming podcast

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