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Children are springs that sprout beneath mountains:
Although full of energy and youthful,
They require guidance at the right time.
The noble man, in accordance with this,
Strives to be resolute in his conduct and nourishes his virtue.

                                                                                      ——The Book of Changes

Fearing not the stones that block the way
Springs sprout from the ground
And roaring into the sea
This is what our school stands for
And what we envision for our children
Our school
Is a colorful spectrum
Where each child develops their own colors;

Our school
Is a warm haven
Where children grow merrily, joyfully, and healthfully;

Our school
Is a fertile land
Where children acquire knowledge and
Develop habits that will help them learn, excel, and
Shoulder responsibilities in the future;

Our school
Is a powerful aircraft engine
In which children are given the freedom of choice
And explore the unknown boundaries...

An Authentic International School

We do not blindly copy the existing so-called international courses. While our curriculum is in alignment with the rapid development that is present in today’s societies, it also intentionally meets students’ developmental needs. T-Curriculum meets the requirements of basic education of both China and the United States, and incorporates mastery-based learning, project-based learning and thematic learning.

When hiring, we focus on quality over quantity. We are less concerned with the nationality of the teacher and more with their skill and expertise. We require that our teachers, regardless of nationality, love children, have high academic standards, and acknowledge the values of our school.

Instead of having luxury buildings, we employ the world's most famous school designers to create a personalized teaching and learning environment equipped with world-class teaching facilities, so that people who step into the campus will feel that it is an ideal environment for students’ growth and development.

We do not charge high tuition fees. We do not seek to become the most popular school in China. We aim to be the best school in China that is able to compete with schools worldwide; we aim to build a bridge for children connecting China and the world and a bridge connecting the present and the future.

Contact Us

Campus Location:
R1-2 floor, B3 building, Kaiwen Education Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing
(East side of No. 2 Airport Highway)

Office Telephone:

To know more about T School, please email:
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Admission Policy

T School is a an innovative international school oriented towards future. In 2018, we will be enrolling children from 5 to 12 years old. We appreciate your attention of T School, and our team of admissions will assist you in completing the application process. We look forward to having you here at T School.

Deadline to apply for Fall 2018 is July 18th, 2018.
There might be a possibility of re-opening of application based on available seats and resources after July 18th, 2018. For more details, please contact the admissions office.

Class Size
For K-2 grade, each class will have no more than 18 students, the total students will not exceed 40.
For Grade 3 to Grade 5, each class will have no more than 25 students, the total students will not exceed 50.

Children born from 2nd September, 2006 to 1st September, 2013 are eligible for application.
School Tuition
For the 2018-2019 school year, the annual tuition for early bird enrollment is 128,000 yuan per student. The tuition does not include nutritious meals, school uniforms, school buses, supplementary teaching materials, and third-party service fees. For more information on payment methods, please contact the admissions team.

Contact us
Ms. Lu, 010-84316311
(Available from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m., Monday to Friday)

Admissions Address
R1-2 floor, B3 building, Kaiwen Education Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

For more information on admissions, please send an email to admissions@t.school.

Registration Procedure

  1. Submitting the registration form and registration fees
    Please fill in the application form and pay registration fee of RMB 2000. The fee will be applied on student’s assessment, and shall not be refunded if not enrolled. The registration fee can be deducted from tuition after admission.

  2. Interviews
    We will notify parents and respective child to attend an interview session within 5 working days once application form and fee are received.

  3. Results
    You will receive the results through email within 5 working days after the interview.

    T School is a just and fair school. To ensure fairness and impartiality of the admission process, our staff will not accept any gifts in any form from parents or any party at any time. To create a fair and just environment for our children, T School cordially requests your understanding and cooperation.

A 7/12 School

Library is the School

Chinese and English Bilingual Learning

Personalized Learning

A 7/12 School
Library is the School
Chinese and English Bilingual Learning
Personalized Learning

T Curriculum

The purpose of basic education is to develop individuals’ potential, creativity and critical thinking, in order to gain happiness and to become a useful citizen and producer.
—— 1977 UNESCO Education Plan

The basic ideas of T-Curriculum center around “teaching” and “nurturing”, where Four Beams refer to overall mastery of basic knowledge and Eight Pillars refer to core qualities needed for development in future society. We respect each student’s development and aim to construct a complete and comprehensive curriculum.

T Chinese

Mastery and cultivation of mother tongue is of great importance to children's growth and development. It paves a way for children to develop motivation for reading and to shape their logical thinking, and also plays an important role in building cultural confidence and identity. In Chinese language course, we encourage students to enjoy the elegance and essence of Chinese culture.

  • Mastering basic words and phrases to gain vocabulary
  • Mastering semantics and linguistics
  • Learning language theory and its laws
  • Communicating efficiently by using language and writing
  • Independently reading and using several reading methods
  • Developing a habit of reading and how to read
  • Building culture confidence in respect of mother tongue
  • T English

    Language is the foundation of culture. As globalization accelerates, speaking fluent English has become a necessary skill for international talent; however, language proficiency does not entail deep understanding about the corresponding culture. We deliver instructions in English and Chinese equally at T School. In addition, we integrate learning through thematic units so that students develop content knowledge while developing their English language skills.

  • Building phonological awareness
  • Developing independent and self-motivated readers
  • Acquiring information and learning other subjects in English
  • Improving English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by means of English-based interdisciplinary learning system
  • T Mathematics

    Mathematics plays an irreplaceable role in development of human history and social life, and it is also an indispensable tool for learning and studying science and technology. Mathematics shapes a rational, well-arranged, systematic way of thinking. This way of thinking would be very important in solving many problems encountered in real life. In Maths course, we integrate concepts and applications.

  • Focus on basic computing and concepts
  • Emphasize application of mathematics in daily life
  • Closely relate it to science and technology courses
  • Focus on cultivating students' analytical and logical rational thinking
  • Develop students’ ability to solve problems
  • T Science

    Science has opened up a window to perceive the world. Science means more than knowledge contained in the book, but scientific thinking, critical thinking and methodology. Science is an effective way to understand the laws and truth of the world.

  • Turn our focus back on nature and science
  • Protect students’ curiosity about the world
  • Guide our students to gain in-depth knowledge of science and engineering practices, scientific core ideas, and interdisciplinary concepts
  • Emphasize solving real problems by making real life connections
  • T P.E.

    In T School, P.E. class is highly valued. Chinese idiom once said ‘a healthy body is the foundation to revolution’. Without P.E. class, children would not be able to find opportunities to exercise their body, nor to cultivate their willpower. Our P.E. class will guide students to develop their core strengths, and help to foster collaboration spirit and logic thinking.

    1. Knowing the body scientifically and exercise accordingly
    2. Experiencing joy in games
    3. Learning communication, collaboration, and leadership in teamwork
    4. Fostering attitudes towards success and failure
    5. Developing respect for rules
    6. Cultivating organizers’ planning ability and senses of responsibility

    T Arts

    Our art courses encourage a love and appreciation of aesthetic experience that reflect varied cultural heritages. A comprehensive music and visual arts courses, including PBL, workshops, and elective tutoring, emphasize personal expression while supporting curricular learning. It is designed to inspire a student's natural creativity by facilitating his or her exploration of art making. Musical, drama, chorus or assemblies are presented each year to reinforce curricular connections, provide opportunities for children to build trust and confidence in their artistic vision, and experience the hard work and satisfaction that cooperative work can bring.

    Teaching Approach

    Our curriculum is designed in triple structure which consists of core, exploratory and practical courses to realize personalized and self-motivated learning.

    Inquiry-based Learning

    Inquiry-based learning is based on the students’ interests and guides them to think and explore actively. Inquiry-based learning is to develop the students’ abilities of observation, curiosity, participation, in-depth learning and continuous learning. Learning is a process of step by step and drawing inferences about other cases from one instance. Inquiry-based learning, with the guidance of the teacher, enables the students to think deeply and solve real problems. Such approach converts the students from passive knowledge taking into active inquiry, enables them to draw their own knowledge maps, and find answers to the questions.

    Mastery-based Learning

    Mastery-based learning is mainly instructed and guided by teachers. T School is based on understanding and pursuit of personalized education, allowing the students to make their own choices for their interests and to grasp their own learning rhythms: advanced students would be given no ceilings and not be dragged down by learning progress, and they can continue their exploration freely; the students who learn slower can continue to learn in depth at their own pace until they fully master the knowledge. Our teachers will be keen observers of each student's learning progress and characteristics, and set challenging tasks which are consistent with their characteristics and their learning degree in stages, so that all students are able to fulfill their knowledge learning and improve their skills based on their interests, understanding and paces.

    Project-based Learning

    Hands-on ability: the children are guided to think and take responsibility independently, and are allowed to develop their specialties and work in cooperation with a due division of labor, to learn how to allocate resources and time reasonably. PBL is the best simulation of the real world;

    Interdisciplinary learning: We integrate all subjects in the design of our project to give the children enough space for deep learning;

    Mixed-age grouping: The children learn to find their teammates in the process of solving problems and to interact with people at different ages;

    Real problem: Project-based learning is based on real problems. Good project design makes the children feel full of challenges, and apply what they have learned so as to provide solutions directly to real-world problems;

    Eight Strengths

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